Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kris Aquino Up Close with Olay Total Effects

Still using the same whitening cream you’ve been using for years? Are you sure your whitening cream is still meeting all the needs of your skin? What most Filipinas don’t know is that their whitening cream may no longer be enough to meet their skin’s changing needs as they age. In fact, for some Filipinas, they might look young and fair from afar, but already old up close!

At the media event held today at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Olay Total Effects zoomed in on Filipinas’ skin regimen which included taking a closer look at whitening creams and why Filipinas may need to upgrade their skin care.  Olay Total Effects, together with Procter & Gamble’s skin experts and Olay’s newest brand ambassador, Kris Aquino, revealed the facts on how Filipinas’ current skin care regimen may need an upgrade before the signs of skin ageing start to show. At the event, media queen Kris Aquino talked about her personal skin intervention and how she realized it was time to trade-up her skin care regimen from simply whitening to one that can provide both anti-ageing and whitening.

Kris’ Skin Intervention

For Kris, whose craft and career demand numerous close-ups daily, she thought her whitening skin care regimen was already enough for her to look beautiful – until she discovered something upon closer inspection. “I thought I already knew everything—that all you needed to be was maputi. But when I took a closer look into the mirror and saw that first wrinkle—nag panic ako (I panicked)” Kris shares. 

For Kris, it was about realizing that as you age, so does your skin, and its needs change – “Hindi pala enough ang whitening cream (whitening cream is not enough)” Kris continued.

Olay Total Effects’ skin intervention was perfect timing for Kris who’s always under the spotlight and in front of the camera. “Good thing my skin went through an intervention with Olay Total Effects. Kasi with Olay Total Effects, I get the whitening I want AND I also get other anti-ageing benefits that my skin needs to help fight 7 signs of skin ageing. It’s my formula for fair and young-looking skin near or far,” Kris enthuses. Today, Kris couldn’t be happier that she traded up from her whitening regimen to Olay Total Effects – a product that meets both of Kris’ anti-ageing and whitening needs.

Fair and Younger Looking – From Afar and Even Up-Close!

While Kris has already had her skin intervention, most Filipinas may not be aware that they too already need to change their skin care regimen to something that gives them fair and younger looking skin even up close.  As an example, guests at the event were shown a photo of a fair, Asian woman from afar. But with a shot up close of the same woman, most guests were surprised at how much older the woman actually looked. So while some women may look young and fair from afar, close-ups revealed they already have signs of skin ageing.

Olay Total Effects Brand Manager Jia Salindong reveals the findings of a local survey of over 100 whitening cream users aged 25-34. The survey showed that an alarming 90% of whitening cream users still suffers from signs of skin ageing.

Salindong explains “At a particular age, women need more than whitening creams. At around age 25, women may already start to notice multiple signs of skin ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Their whitening creams fail to address these signs of skin ageing. Instead, they need to upgrade their skin care regimen to a cream that provides both anti-ageing and whitening benefits.”

With this in mind, Olay Total Effects answered both anti-ageing and whitening needs of Filipinas. How does Olay address both? P&G Skin Expert Carla Cordova explains “It is with Olay Total Effects’ proven VitaNiacin complex that we address both concerns. VitaNiacin is a complex of powerful skin care ingredients like Vitamin E, Panthenol or Vitamin B5 and Niacinamide. These provide both anti-ageing and whitening benefits to help skin regain its fair, radiant, youthful glow and fortify itself against the signs of skin ageing.”

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that prevents moisture loss of skin. Panthenol attracts water into the skin barrier, helping skin stay hydrated. Niacinamide is proven and known to provide skin whitening benefits as well as helps reduce signs of skin ageing, like fine lines. Olay Total Effects helps to lighten dark spots, lighten skin tone and improve skin dullness, giving women fair skin. In addition to this, Olay Total Effects also addresses other skin care needs to help fight 7 signs of skin ageing. With Olay Total Effects, you get anti-ageing and whitening benefits all in 1 bottle.

So just like Kris, do you need a skin intervention to be more than just young-looking only from afar? Take a closer look and find out if it’s time to trade up to a skin care regimen that targets both your anti-ageing and whitening needs all in 1 bottle. With Olay Total Effects, you can have fair and younger-looking skin from afar and even up-close!

The presscon held today was hosted by Boy Abunda.

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