Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working for a magazine... Continue or not?

I have lived, breath, and immensed myself in showbizness when I am working for a magazine as a photographer... I have learned to interact, mediate, and promote the magazine I worked for to be known in the world of showbiz... At first it was hard when people ask which publication you worked for... Most often or not the magazine was mistakened to be from the other publication. Through hard work and PR, I have managed in some way to promote the magazine and have it known to the showbiz industry that we are a magazine that is going to go places.
Sure enough we got there and was evident especially when they changed the name of the magazine. Sales was soaring as I was told about it. And whenever I am at an event they almost always associate my name with the magazine as I am the visible figure for the magazine.

I have given much of my time and effort to give the best for the magazine as I thought I am appreciated with the work I have done.

I give an average of 25 showbiz event photos some of them exclusive for the magazine. I have been very visible in the world of showbiz.

During this time, I met a few photographers that have worked before for the magazine. All of them told me that I should be careful as this company has a reputation of being a company that is a bit in disarray and is not easy to deal with. I took them into account and felt that this thing would not happen as I have a good relationship with the editorial team.

But sad to say, they were right... These past few months a lot has changed, first, I was offered to work for them exclusively but did not push through. Then there was changes in the editorial team that also affected my position as their photographer. They recruited other photographers without my knowledge to work for them and my pay was drastically cut. This was hard especially when I was expecting a raise rather than a pay cut.

This thing made me feel uncomfortable and working is not the same as before.

The last straw came when they tried again to recruit another photographer behind my back and when asked about my status as their photographer, the staff told them that I was no longer working for them and I am currently employed by another publication. I understand the need of the magazine for new breed of photographers and I know that I can never be able to cover all events. But the fact that they are spreading the rumor that I am no longer in their magazine was uncalled for.

This made me realize that with all the effort I have given. They found me dispensable.

Unappreciated and backstabbed... This is how I feel... To continue working with them would be a big question for now...

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