Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Complicated - A Valentine concert in July

It was a night of beautiful music. A night of reminiscing of old favorites. From Jose Mari Chan's hits " Tell Me Your Name ", " Please be Careful With My Heart ", " Beautiful Girls " to The Company's " Now That I Have You ", " Everlasting Love ", " Muntik na Kitang Minahal ". It was also a night of laughter as Jose Mari made the soldout crowd laugh and smile.

The night started with the Sison brothers as the opening number. Then The Company and Jose Mari Chan opened their set with " Love at 30,000 feet " and " Good Old Fashioned Romance ". The night continued with Jose Mari Chan and The Company singing one hit to another.

The duet between Sweet and Jose Mari of " Please be Careful with My Heart " became comedic as Jose Mari was not on cue coming out the stage. And he could not sing the song at first without laughing as Sweet is making antics while he was singing.

The duet between Cecille and Jose Mari of " Here and Now " was composed by Jose Mari for his daughter's wedding.

The song " Refrain " was composed by Jose Mari to was then his girlfriend who was planning to go abroad to work then became his wife.

The song " Thank You " was written by Jose for his 25th wedding anniversary. And he sang " Beautiful Girl " while walking to the audience.

Jose Mari made a lot of jokes that night. " To those who are with their sweethearts and wives, May your sweethearts become your wives, and may may your wives be your sweethearts.... And may your sweetheart and wives don't meet " which made the crowd laughing.

At the medley " Big Beautiful Country Suite " Jose Mari sang a Tagalog song by Basil Valdez " Hahanapin Ko "

Before doing the encore, Jose Mari was surprised with a Plaque of Recognition from OPM ( Organizasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit ) presented by Noel Cabangon and also a gift from FILSCAP, in which he opened was a quill, for his contribution to Philippine Music. He was given a standing ovation.

They did an encore with " Afraid For Love to Fade " after which The Company was to do autograph signing after the show.

 Some more photos of the show.

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