Monday, August 22, 2011

Regal Film's " My Neighbor's Wife " in theaters on September 14

With a cast of today's hottest stars, Regal Films once again introduces a film that will test a couple's loyalty and love through hardships. And amidst betrayal, will they survive to be together again?

Featuring Dennis Trillo, Jake Cuenca, Carla Abellana, and Lovi Poe.

Dennis Trillo plays Aaron and Lovi Poe as Giselle, Aaron's wife. Bullet is portrayed by Jake Cuenca and Carla Abellana as his wife, Jamine.

In the movie Aaron ( Dennis Trillo ) is best friends with Bullet ( Jake Cuenca ). Trouble ensued when Bullet cheated with Giselle ( Lovi Poe ) and Jasmine ( Carla Abellana ) threatened to leave Bullet.

Touted as the year's hottest and sexiest movie, would be another sure hit for Regal Films when it opens on September 14 on theaters nationwide. Directed and written by Jun Lana.

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